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New training activity at the berritzegune of Leioa: THE ENGLISH COFFEE

Posted by b08ingelesa on urria 7, 2013

English Coffee at the Berritzegune of leioa

Do you teach English or in English at school? Do you work at a school where training in English has been promoted so that a trilingual offer can become a reality? Do you very seldom speak in English with adults? Do you feel that your English has impoverished because the younger your students are the more you tend to adapt the level of your speech? …..

If you feel pictured there, then our new training activity,  the ENGLISH COFFEE,  is the right place for you.. This activity is meant to improve/keep up teachers’ level of English by offering you a place to talk with adults. What about? We will decide it during the first meeting but the idea is to make it an enjoyable and light experience, taking into account that it is held at off-school time. So it could be based on the principle of a dialogic gathering, such as reading a novel and talking about it, or an article, or a social issue, a film….or, if you all agree upon it, anything related to our work, of course.

It is going to be held at the Berritzegune of Leioa, monthly, on Monday, from 17:00 to 19:00 and our first meeting is scheduled  for October 21 (provided enough teachers register in the activity).

Anyone interested in taking part in the ENGLISH COFFEE will have to enrol  through this link

Should you have any query, please, do contact with Loli Vazquez

Tlf. 94 656 93 38    b08ingelesa@gmail.com

See you there,

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